5/30/19: Preliminary Subdivision Application and Construction

After a long, cold winter, Spring has come and Summer is almost here. There has been lots of activity at the development site and on paper with approvals.

St. Louis County Public Works has approved the road plan and profile design. This is an advance approval that is part of the Preliminary Subdivision Application Approval process. This approval allows construction to continue while the long review of the Preliminary Subdivision Application starts at the St. Louis County Planning Department.

The remaining timber on the roads and the runway is being cleared starting today and is expected to be done next week in time to start road construction. Once the road construction is completed by the end of the summer the lots will be subdivided and legally defined at the County Recorders Office.

Regarding the runway, the runway grading design has been reviewed by MNDOT and suggested that we go ahead and submit the FAA 7480 form to notify the FAA of an airport construction so that they can begin their airspace study. MNDOT will visit the site once the runway construction is completed. Due to the time for construction and the general lack of area wetland credits- runway construction is slated to begin in Spring of 2019.

You’re visiting the website and reading this blog, why not come out to Clyde IronWorks on 6/12 at 5:00PM where Superior Aero Estates is holding a Meet and Greet. Come out and meet other aviators and current deposit holders while learning more about Superior Aero Estates!


10/5/18: Concept Subdivision Application and Road Construction

Hello and thank you for visiting the website and your continued interest in Superior Aero Estates!

We have some exiting news: St. Louis County has approved our Concept Subdivision application without any requested changes! The next step is submitting the Preliminary Subdivision application which is a little more involved. However, we have been constantly asking the St. Louis County Planning Department questions about what is required or what they prefer to see in applications. Working closely with the Planning Department, Grand Lake township, and MNDOT is a big reason why the Concept Subdivision application was approved so quickly and we don’t expect any changes to our approach for the Preliminary Subdivision submission.

In addition to County approvals, the road areas are being cleared of stumps and overburden in preparation for the final road construction. Below are some pictures of the progress.

If you’re interested in visiting the site and seeing what the beginnings of an airpark look like, send us a note on the Contact page.

Additionally, the planning stages have started with the utility companies on bringing in services. The application and deposits for electrical services have been submitted and we are in discussions with a Fiber-to-Home service that is looking to expand to Grand Lake Township.

The remaining timber clearing is set to begin in early December with favorable weather!

More progress updates to come!

9/5/18: Wetland Maps and Lot Deposits!

Since the last blog posting there has been a good deal of communication from those of you wanting more information as well as some who have even secured lots at Superior Aero Estates! If you would like to know more about the development or how to secure your lot, please visit our Contact page to submit your contact details and a representative will reach out to you to answer any of your questions. 

We have received the preliminary wetland map and as a result had to modify a few lot lines to ensure that all lots had adequate high ground to build a primary structure and hangar along with septic and well systems. Below is the current version of the subdivision layout with the wetland areas bounded in blue. The lots that are marked as Pending are off the market, leaving 14 lots remaining. 


The wetland map has been submitted to St. Louis County as part of the Concept Subdivision Application and we will continue to incorporate their feedback as we move through the process of developing the subdivision!

Thank you for continually checking this blog for updates on the development of Superior Aero Estates!

8/15/18: Wetlands, Timber, Roads, and Other Thoughts

It's been an incredibly busy summer so far! Lots of progress is being made but with many steps still remaining. It's looking like the completion of the project, conservatively, has been pushed back to Fall of 2019. The 2018 completion goal was an ideal situation decided on using the information we had at the beginning of the year. However, as we gathered more information from various sources and contractors it became obvious that a 2018 completion timeline was simply too aggressive of a construction timeline. So far the schedule change to 2019 seems to be OK with most of you that are interested as planning a move over the course of an entire year instead of a few months is much easier to manage. Now that that's said, on to the fun stuff!

The wetland delineation has been completed and we're just waiting on final acceptance by the county. Compared to the surrounding area, the majority of the property is high-ground and very well draining. Where there are wetlands we are going to ensure that the lot lines are positioned such that there is adequate high ground for a build site, driveway, and runway or taxiway access. Wetland maps for each lot will be available upon request for any potential buyer. Lots with wetlands are great for ensuring a vegetative barrier between you and your neighbor for people that value privacy and low maintenance acreage. 

After weather and project delays, the timber clearing has finally started! The work being done this summer will be processing the access roads, runway, and approach area on the southern 40 acres and the remaining property will be processed this winter when it is more efficient to process the timber. For now, this work will enable us to start cutting roads and provide easier access to the property. Please contact us if you would like to come tour the property and see the progress!

Final note: Superior Aero Estates was featured in an article in the Duluth News Tribune! Click on this link to view the article on the Duluth News Tribune's website!

6/13/18: Timber Clearing and Survey!

A quick post to communicate that the timber clearing is scheduled to start this month! Temporary roads will be made for earth movers and trucks to get on and off the property before the final road surface is created.

Also, it would help us if visitors to the site would complete the following Market Survey. It's only 8 questions and should be easily completed within 3 minutes.


Thank you for your continued interest! 

5/9/2018: Rezoning and Redesign

Important updates in this post!

First off, on April 12th the St. Louis County Planning Board approved the rezoning of the Superior Aero Estates property from MU-3 to MU-4 and this decision was adopted at the County Board yesterday, May 8th. What this does is reduce the minimum lot size from 9 acres to 4.5 acres. This is huge! This allows for more residences on the property and more individuals to share in the maintenance costs of the runway and general use areas as well as costs of improvements that are voted and approved by the Aero Club. 

With this zoning change, the engineers were able to start work on the lot layout and overall design of the development. What some of you may notice is that the runway orientation and length has changed. After much discussion, it was decided that the pros outweigh the cons for changing the orientation in order to accommodate a new runway design of 3,500' x 100'. This new design increases the overall length by 1,000' increasing safety and enabling the operation of most single engine GA aircraft at Superior Aero Estates. The new runway has the potential to be the 3rd longest grass runway in Minnesota!

The development is on schedule to start construction early this summer. The final steps leading to construction are the geotechnical analysis of the runway structure to determine the material needs for construction, as well as the final wetland delineation that drives any design changes in the road systems and lot lines. 

If you are interested in living with your plane in Duluth we are now accepting fully refundable $1,000 deposits to secure lots and early-bird pricing. Please reach out to us via the Contact page to start the process of securing your lot!

2/22/2018: Progress Update

It's been a busy month! 

The property boundary survey has been completed, the access easement off of Hwy 53 and the runway centerline have been surveyed and staked. The main road arteries through the property are currently being engineered and the property access roads will be defined after the plat definitions are developed. There's still a lot of work left to do but now is mostly waiting for the ground to thaw so we can start moving dirt!

Please don't forget to reach out via the Contact page if you're interested in living with your plane!

1/15/2018: Introduction


Thank you for visiting Superior Aero Estates!

Through many conversations with local and state agencies we have recently gotten approval from MNDOT to construct a 2500' x 100' turf runway on 194 acres of land in Twig, MN for the purpose of developing a residential airpark! What's an airpark? Many people ask that question, even pilots and others in the aviation community. An airpark is a residential subdivision where residences have access to an FAA approved runway. Why would people want to live next to a runway? To live with your plane of course! 

Typical aircraft ownership begins with finding a hangar to rent at your preferred airport. However, much of the time, aircraft owners can't even get a hangar at their preferred airport due to the limited availability of hangar space and very long waiting lists to get hangar space. So most people have to settle for their second choice airport and hope that they can get hangar space there. In addition to just finding a hangar to rent, every time you take a trip with your plane you have to get to your plane. Meaning that you have to pack, load up the car, load up the family, load up the dogs, drive an average time of 15-20 minutes to your hangar (in many cities it's a longer commute), unload the car, load the plane,  and then you're finally ready for pre-flight. Then you have to do the process in reverse once you return to your home airport. To avoid these hassles of aircraft ownership, someone had the bright idea of building a subdivision next to a runway so that people can build a hangar next to their home (or sometimes attached as a hangar-home) such that pilots can simply load-up, preflight, and fly. Currently there are 630 airpark communities around the globe and 3 of them, including the first Airpark in the USA (Sky Manor Aero Estates), reside in Minnesota. With the large aviation community in Duluth, Superior, and the Arrowhead Region I felt as if an airpark in Duluth could make aircraft ownership much more enjoyable for many local aviators.

Stay tuned to this blog as updates on the progress will be communicated through this page. Currently, we are starting the survey and engineering work for platting the lots, designing the roads and runway storm drainage in addition to authoring many legal documents. 

Feel free to contact us with any inquiries or if you would be like to be placed on the Potential Buyers list. The Potential Buyers list has no obligation to purchase property but will allow us to notify you when lots become available for purchase on a first come first serve basis.

Thank you once again for visiting Superior Aero Estates!