Airport Operations

Airport operations will be governed by the the bylaws and covenants of the Aero Club. All property owners will be required to be Aero Club members. Details regarding the bylaws and covenants will become available once documents are finalized.

The runway will be a 3500' x 100' with a grass surface. The runway surface will be engineered to maximize drainage while still able to support operations of aircraft up to a MTOW of 10,000 lbs. The runway is planned to be open  and plowed during the winter months. Per state and local regulations, operations are currently limited to noncommercial flights during daylight hours. It is possible to expand the operating hours and apply for lighting permit if Aero Club members vote to pursue such a change. The Aero Club membership dues that go towards maintenance are anticipated to be on the order of $200-$300 annually ( $16-$25 per month) per lot owner based on information from other airparks in Minnesota. 

All properties at Superior Aero Estates will have guaranteed deeded access to the runway with the expectation that all owners are in good standing with the Aero Club (no egregious violations, current on membership dues, etc). 

All information is subject to change as the development of Superior Aero Estates progresses.